Software distribution

Szoftver- értékesítés

Plancal nova

Nova offers modern dimensioning and construction solutions for computer systems based on Windows. For planners and construction companies alike, it is an optimal solution for integrated project management.

  • Marker leader in the German-speaking area (D,CH,A)
  • More than 6000 companies and 20.000 users
  • Teamwork on a project basis
  • BIM; IFC compatibility
  • User friendly environment
  • No programming required
  • Independent, stable and fast CAD core
  • dwg compatibility, import/export functions
  • Automatic breakthrough generation
  • 3D collision check with documentation
  • Shortcuts in current view
  • 3D Snapshot in 2D view
  • Fast DIN/EN heating load and cooling load calculation based on the building model
  • Hydraulic dimensioning of the entire system
  • Automatically generated line diagram (water/heating)
  • Single line –> 3D generation
  • User or project template management
  • Extensible product data register
  • Planning of the building electrical engineering
  • Room book management

Projektron BCS

In Hungary, TGA Consult distributes the German-developed Projektron Business Coordination Software used by numerous international companies, including Airbus Group and E-on.

This software enables the overview and effective management of projects consisting of many elements. All necessary functions are combined in one software. This enables cost reduction and the goals can be achieved within the set deadline.

The main functions of Projektron BCS are:

  • Project management(preparation, creation of a detailed project plan, review, inspection)
  • Time management (project calendar, working hours booking, etc.)
  • Source management (funds recording, workload analysis, etc.)
  • Teamwork (continuous communication with the customer, creating a contact between employees)
  • Financial tasks (management of material costs, recording of invoices, etc.)

C.A.T.S Professional is an intelligent CAD system in which its developers have integrated sizing functions in addition to drawing tasks. Thus, we can work on an active interface on which the current physical background of all drawing solutions can be monitored and parameterized. After scaling and pre-setting according to our tastes and habits, with help of commands the program is able to automaticaly display drawings  and create abstract lists in any format. You can communicate with other sizing programs via the program’s clipboard, and the results of sizing and material statements can be converted to different formats. During the drawing, any number and arrangement of engravings, realistic or tender-level representations, etc. can be made. can be created.

Another feature of the software is that it can be fully utilized under AutoCAD LT, with the exception of the central heating module. The integration of this module under AutoCAD LT is under development.