Our infrastucture

Az infrastrukt├║ra

Remote support for the largest international planning tasks. Equipped with the appropriate CAD software and extensive engineering expertise.

TGA Consult Kft. has been working on international projects with German customers since its foundation in 2005, and this strategic focus has remained unchanged since then. The structure and organization of the company, from an engineering, administrative and IT point of view, serves the purpose of providing our services in the most flexible way, either in Budapest, Neu-Isenburg or in our partner office.

The engineering department is divided into 3 areas:

– Project team leaders are primarily involved in liaising with key clients, providing technical advice and coordination, business decisions, and coordinating project managers.
– Project managers maintain constant contact on technical details, both inside and outside the company, with the customer and partner planners. They themselves are involved in CAD design and coordinate the work of the engineers.
– Relying on the esteemed work of engineers and CAD editors, the company is able to deliver on a given deadline, scope and quality the designs that our clients have been meeting for a long time.

On the IT side, we support the frictionless work of the engineering department in two main ways:

– From both the software and hardware side, the company’s IT equipment is subordinated so that the work performed can be performed remotely with the same efficiency as if it were done on site.
– Typically, large projects require a huge amount of data and computer resources for smooth work, in the spirit of which all our workstations consist of a high-end computer and 2-3 monitors.

Beyond the Engineering Department, all our departments, including the secretariat, HR, finance, accounting and legal support, are set up to satisfy the needs of our international partners and provide them with consulting services.