Our story

This and much more has happened to us since 2005.




Foundation of the company



The branch office in Germany has opened



Expansion with an own electrical department



Branch office in Switzerland has opened



Acquisition of own real estate for the company headquarters.
Moved to the new headquarters.

History of the company

The company was founded in Budapest in 2005. At the beginning we mainly cooperated with foreign, mainly German, partner offices and gained experience in the field of international and German building services engineering.

The company has also been operating a branch office in Frankfurt since mid-2007, since then we have also opened a branch office in Switzerland and in several Hungarian cities.

We started as a company supporting the German partner offices and developed into an independent and significant planning office. On the German and Swiss market we have well-known references and we independently win significant European orders in all fields of building services engineering, power engineering, building electrical engineering and I&C engineering.

The begining (2006.)

Csillaghegy office building(2008-2012.)

The sales has been increasing continuously since the beginning, and today we are one of the largest planning offices for building services engineering in Hungary, with more than 70 employees.The company has the most modern hardware and software equipment. The wide range of industry software in place ensures that they can work effectively with any player in the industry, no matter if we are talking about modern BIM planning or traditional planning methods. In the interest of our customers, we are always one step ahead of the demands of the market.

TGA Consult Kft. has an ISO 9001:2015 certificate for all its branches.

Our team at Lake Balaton (2019)